I think he likes me? HELP?

Sorry I'm asking this again!
- he looks at me sometimes during class
- when I send him a selfie on Snapchat he ALWAYS responds with a selfie of him doing 👌
- he stares at me when I'm talking to be my friend
- I'll be talking to my guy friend who sits in front of me and he (the guy who I think likes me) will try and start a convo with me
- If I'm on the wrong page on whatever we are doing in class, he reaches over and flips to the correct page for me (he sits next to me)


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  • Yes, the signs are clear that he likes you.


What Girls Said 1

  • Awwwwwwwwwww. He flips the pages for you? 100% yes he likes you! He tries to cut off your guy friend to talk to you cause he's jealous (maybe subconsciously). He flips the pages for you? Is he really paying attention in class or is he just paying attention to you ;) here's an idea, next time you are out having a fun time snap him a picture of what you are doing and say "I'm out doing _____. You would think this is so much fun!" Or something like that. (Not actually asking him to come is the secret) BUT do it at a time where it's too late for him to actually come. He might say, "oh I can't make it. But maybe we can hang out on__________". Boom. Plans made and he didn't even know you Jedi mind tricked him into it ;)