If a guy asks you if you are opposed to tattoos and asks your thoughts on him getting one does that mean he is in to me a little bit?

he said I notice u don't have tattoos are you not a fan of them? Do you like tattoos for a guy? Of do you avoid guys with tattoos? I was thinking of trading a guy something in exchange for a tattoo. and he was thinking of this tattoo idea across my chest... and he described it. And I told him I don't want one on me I just do my belly button ring. I don't like guys because they have a tattoo I really don't care if they have some. I care about the person not the body art. I told him his friend's idea is cool but I feel it isn't personal enough. But then I told him my plan I had for him for a tattoo of 2 guns with detailed handles forming his initial of his last name. Maybe smoke or something cool around it. I told him it would be personal and sexy! He liked the idea got excited. I am thinking he asked before he did it in case I wasn't a fan of tattoos. Like he wanted me on board before he did it. I was wondering is this a sign he is serious about me or starting to think of me that way.


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  • It sure sounds like he didn't want to get some big permanent tattoo on his chest in case you didn't like them. However I think you shouldn't get tattoo's if you are worried about what other people think about them either.

    It just sounds like he wanted your opinion, I wouldn't really read into the situation much farther than that. If you are concerned about his level of commitment to you, just have a talk, its so much easier than wondering about it all the time.

    • I was thinking he was thinking about it before we dated and wanted my thoughts. I think if he gets double guns for a tattoo I will get a double gun belly button ring if he wants to help me find the best one for me. He can give me his thoughts so I know he likes it.

    • To be totally honest I can't stand trying to match things with my SO, that's just me though. Even if the ex would bring up wearing the same sports jersey, I'm just like no.. we aren't in highschool anymore and I'm my own person lol. That's just how I am, and I wouldn't let anyone tell me what tattoo I should get, I don't consult anyone I go and get it because I like it. I guess again these are the way I am, I don't know this guy at all. Assuming he actually asks what you thought he must not be terribly secure about it. I am an artist so I already have ideas of what I'm doing and don't need anyone's input on the matter.

      I'm just rambling at this point the entire point of this is your asking if you guy is into you. Well I'm sure he trusts your opinion. Again though if you are concerned that he's not into you, the best thing to do is ask him. This gesture does not make me think one way or the other.

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  • That means he values your opinion.