Why East Asian Are Not Open to Dating South-East Asian Compared to European?

I am a South-East Asian girl with typical SEA features. Growing up, most of the girls around me are quite obsessed with K-Pop and Eastern Asian guys, particularly from South Korea and China. (I'm a girl).

Unfortunately, my experience in Korea isn't exactly favourable. I noticed many East Asian (Korean, Chinese) guys are not really open about dating SEA women, though they don't seems to make distinction with other East Asian.

Now, before anyone jump at me saying most South-East Asian girls are dark-skinned, let me tell you. SEA (Philippine, Malaysia, Indonesia) regions are among the most diverse in term of ethnicity and looks. I am yellow-skinned (as opposed to EA's pale white skin) and double eyelid, which are typical to natives of SEA.

On contrary, I noticed European guys (British and Dutch) are more receptive to dating SEA women. Personally, I find European guys are generally nicer and don't seem to scrutinize women based on looks very much like East Asian guys.

I would really appreciate answers regarding this pattern.
Was it simply because of economic prosperity, facial features, pride, or culture that influence the behaviours of both East Asian and European people?


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  • I am Chinese, my English is not good, but I will tell you why people do not like East Asia and Southeast Asian women dating. Because most of the East Asian people (China, South Korea, Japan) that the skin of women in Southeast Asia is black, Southeast Asian countries are small, backward. Because East Asian countries are heavily influenced by Confucius, East Asians think white skin is good. I say no other meaning, just an objective answer to your question, please forgive me.


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  • I dont mean to offend because this may be stereotyped, but i feel like;
    A) south east Asians typically share the east Asian "feminine" body shape of being slender, small but still with assets, which many men are attracted to as they feel more dominant.
    B) white/europeans will date SE Asian women more often because East Asian (korean/japanese) are not racially diverse countries and a lot of racism exists still so many women prefer men of their own ethnicity.
    C) SE Asian women are sometimes eager to move to a western country like australia, england, usa to be with their partner. Where i live there are quite a few Thai and philippino ladies with white husbands that they had met in bars/etc back home and were offered a visa.


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  • maybe it's the extremely stict traditions and the East Asians are usually taught to date within their ethnicity

  • Why I do feel the same? I'm SEA woman. Maybe east Asian guy prefer porcelain skin woman? Dunno exactly but, they really care about skin colour and beauty.