How do you know if a girl is just after hook-up/one night stand after meeting her?

Let's say you have found the "one" on dating website, had a good conversation with them for some time and finally both of you have decided to meet up. When you meet up how can you be sure that the opposite sex or girl in my case is not only after hook-up or one night stand? I'm one of those nice guys who always have been brought up to have respect and help women and I think that's also why I'm completely useless with women in general.

So any signs, type of body language etc that would obviously point into the direction of just having fun/one night stand or just hook up?


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  • Women looking for one night stands might be less common than you think. And unlike the men, generally have an easier time finding a willing partner, so I'm guessing those making the effort of joining a dating site rarely fall into that category.

    Also, I don't see how respecting women would make you useless with them. Shouldn't that be an advantage?

    • Well, there is still a chance that some women are after it, either if they have put effort into it or not.

      Also, I don't see how respecting women would make you useless with them. Shouldn't that be an advantage?

      Unfortunately not in today's society/culture which get's worse from now and then. The guys who respect women are completely screwed this days.

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    • That's not the impression I have at all.

      Well, that's you and your environment you had experience with.

    • To answer your initial question, the easiest way would simply be to ask. A girl expecting a one-night stand won't want to waste time with a more committed individual, so it'll be easier for both of you if you make things clear from the start.
      Also, once you're on the internet you meet people from many different environments; so what's true locally shouldn't serve as a general rule on a dating site.

  • Ok I'm kind of in this situation you described..
    I just met this guy online,
    Our first date I could tell the guy was very into me attracted to me.. I like him too but I'm not really down to start a relationship anytime soon.. I mean if it happens it will happen but I'm more to casual relationship for now.
    We had sex on our second hang out. We never been on a real date. We hung out both times in his place.
    Well on our first meet up we went to his place to get something and I just asked him to stay in his place instead of going out.. lol he asked me if I want to go out do something though but I was like neh I like your place..
    and I texted him if I could come over. After 9pm. When I asked him for the second meet up.

    if a girl wants to be taken seriously, most likely she wouldn't do this. Most girls are super careful about the first date we all know it's not ok to go to a guys place on our first date. It could happen. but she would want you to take her out and do something together get to know eachother that way.
    My guy and I aren't really big texters, butwhen he texts me I don't keep the conversation going. And I only text him first to schedule our next meet up or to send him my selfies (not naked ones)
    if a girl wants you more than just a hook up, she will ask about you try to keep the conversation going when you text her. Unless she's a bad texter, and usually when they are they let the guy know so they don't misunderstand.

    Basically if she's only up for sex, most likely she will let you know. She would rather want to stay in her place/your place and just chilling/cuddle/sex. She would never ask you where the relationship between you two going. And if you bring that talk out she will likely say she's not sure/she needs more time/excuses.
    I don't use or take advantage of my guy though, I like him I love hanging out, sexy time with him a lot. And seems like he does the same we enjoy each other's company.
    I texted him to meet me around 9pm today but he wanted to meet early so we can spend longer time and he can take me out to dinner.. and I said yes so we see how it goes.. well getting a dinner really isn't a big of deal to me. A girl only up for hookup/fwb still would willing to go out n do stuff outside bedroom. But once you bring that talk, she will make it crystal clear where she stands.
    I tried to describe my behaviors here so you get an idea haha


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