How much of a disadvantage is being shy?

I am a very open, outgoing person. I talk in my class, love meeting new people, and generally get along with everyone. I actually got in trouble last night because my peer made a sarcastic comment, and I just lost it.

Except around one person... I can be perfectly normal in class, and then after it's over—BOOM—super mousy... kind of awkward. I'm able to talk to him, and he texts me back pretty quickly throughout the week. He just has a much more independent personality, and it drives me wild. I am SO used to clingy guys... so I get nervous... but I love it. I don't know exactly what he is thinking or feeling, and I am not used to that. It makes me really curious... aaannnddd I text him quite a bit...

So is getting shy and really awkward a bad thing? Or would he find it cute that I act so different only around him?


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  • I love shy girls, so to me its not a problem at all.

    Acting differently around him is one of the best ways to show you like him. And, we should all act differently around someone we really like. There is nothing wrong with that.

    • Thanks for answering the question...

      I don't exactly do it on purpose... I mean, I try to act cute... but I just get really nervous... I asked a guy friend of mine, and he said it was a turn off—but he also likes dominant women, and he loves being the sub. So I wasn't sure...

      I just don't want him to lose interest in me... He is so independent. I love it. I feel like a puppy sometimes going after him, though 😩

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    • I am flattered when any girl like me, even if I am not interested.

      Sounds like he is interested though.

    • Okay... thanks :)

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  • Being shy is actually a very difficult thing to handle. Nobody tries to act shy on purpose. The ones who are shy are because of their personality. But some shy people know how they can modify their behavior under demanding conditions. They are the ones who get all the benefits even if they are shy from the inside. But nobody knows that they are shy from the outside. In spite of having disadvantages shy people who know that they are shy cover their defects in wonderful ways. Only under great pressure , they will crumble. They know what they are capable of and they act within their limits. This is the way they survive.

    • That's not exactly answering my question... I am only shy around him because I'm used to having that dominance/control... but not around him, which is specifically what attracts me to him...

  • being shy and awkward is really cute and a big turn on


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