Im leaving on Monday, should I text him again because I wanna see him sooo desperately (scrennshots of last convo with him included)?

I am leaving in 3 days.
this is the conversation we had yesterday
should i text him today? And what should i say?
i wanna see him obviously before i leave, won't be back for 2 months

Im leaving on Monday, should i text him again because i wanna see him sooo desperately (scrennshots of last convo with him included)?


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  • I'm reading you are in green
    and that he has a gal over (could be lying and NO one is over)
    to stiff arm you again.

    Me? I would find something of his to return to him or buy a small gift or mutually attractive food/wine to DELIVER in person as a surprise, get invited in, meet his visitor all on the same excuse "leaving town"
    and quit pussyfooting around with this guy

    • He wouldn't even open the door... nah or even worse send me home and honestly i really dont wanna buy him
      Stuff again, i've done it many times

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    • God i've been trying soooo hard for a year and 6 months now... we've only done it twice... April of 2015 and December 2015. can't anymore...

    • So sorry for you
      but must agree that for your happiness it's best to give up on this guy
      ... which WILL attract better matches to you, I promise... been that done that

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  • nope
    looks like he doesn't wanna see u


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  • I would not text again and I would forget about him. He blew you off because he was with another girl.

    • How do u know?

    • If it was his male friend
      1) he would have invited you to join them
      2) his friend would have understood and give you some time together
      3) he would have TOLD you it was a guy

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  • No, he doesn't want to see you.

    • U think he lied about having someone over?

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    • Yeah could be because he took hours to reply that son of a b doesn't wanna fuck me but
      Fucks everyone else including grannies

    • You should be mad that he doesn't want to see you, not that he doesn't want have sex with you.

  • He's not interested.

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