Are these signs of love or atracrion or normal friendship?

Hey everybod.. I moved to germany and I met a croatian girl in a german langauge course and she's 4 years older than me and has a boyfriend.. she told me many times that he's crazy.. she told me and our classmates that he's not her dream guy.. she did search for me on facebook and added me without me asking her or telling her.. she's all the time looking me into the eyes and she laughs at every single joke (even the crazy ones) and always interested and asks me for help.. e. g. How to solve this question and how to do this and that.. she doesn't do this thing with any other person in the class.. the day before yesterday i noticed she's deleted me from facebook and i asked her yesterday and she was shockef and told me that that must be her crazy boyfriend who did this and she also asked me yesterday in the coffee break if I have visited a mosque, a church or the zoo in berlin.. And told that she visits a certain church every Sunday and that there are a lot of croatian people there and such things.. i noticed she wanted me to ask her out and to go with her to the same church on Sunday.. what do you think I should do right now? I can't see her till Monday because od weekend and next week on Thursday we're doing an exam and after that we can't meet each other if i didn't ask her out.. should i send her a friend request on facebook and ask her to give me the adreess of the church and ask her out to visit the zoo and a mosque on weekend or any other day? Or should I ask her on Monday for her number and ask her out? Or what should I do? I really like her and when i get to know her better (i'm maybe going to be sure that this is love).. thanks for help and advice


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  • Normal friendship

    • Thanks for that.. how could i get the relationship to the level where we go out alone and when she trusts me.. i'm not looking for sex or love with but a very good friendship

    • Thanks for mho, just show her she can trust you

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