Boy calls and acts interested, constantly sets up dates but cancels...he always makes first contact.

This boy always makes first contact with me. I always tell him its alright. I don't hear from him from awhile, then I do...he says he really likes me, but has no follow though. Why? What am I to do? I don't know if I should keep responding or not.? Please help. I am so frustrated!



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  • Its about the control. He likes knowing he has you on a leash. Next time tell him you already have plans, or better yet, tell him you have a date. If he gets mad, tell him your not his property.

  • It kinda sounds like this boy is a player. If he is overly sweet and a little pushy then that probably is the case. If your a laid back girl, someone who gets along better with guys then he is probably taking advantage of your cool personality and thinks he can have you whenever he feels like it. Try ignoring him sometimes, or telling him your busy when he asks to hang out. If he really steps up then you know the difference and if he gives up then he's no good.