Why did this guy not seem interested and yet still ask if I have a boyfriend?

I went to grade school with this guy named Jason and Jason was always nice and I kind of had a crush on him growing up. Well, about six months ago I liked on of his facebook pictures and he sent a message and we started chatting. He wanted my phone number and we continued chatting. I mentioned that something was broken in my apartment and he said "well I should bring my tools down!" then I mentioned moving to Hawaii and he said "can I come" you know kind of jokingly. He stopped talking to me a few days later which was cool. Fast forward to recently, I timidly sent him a message to see if there was anything going on in the area (I live out of town but he lives in my parent's town 45 min away) and he said I could come crash on his couch and we could go out to get drinks Saturday night. so then on Sunday he said he got back into town late and I mentioned I wanted to play tennis and then I said it's getting cold, and he said "we'll have to take a raincheck and go for drinks" and I said I wasn't much into drinking. then he asked how everything was and if I had a boyfriend. I said I did but if he ever wanted to play tennis sometime let me know. he said good luck to me and that he didn't have a girlfriend just was out fishing and working. so he didn't talk to me after that. i guess i was kind of disappointed thinking he couldn't be friends or whatever, especially since i never got the impression he was very into me growing up or anything. i just didn't really know what to make of it.


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  • This really isn't hard to read. He was interested in you but not so much that you changed his life - in other words he could go without talking to you and pursue other girls, but when you are around he would like some fun with you if he could, When you told him that's off the table he left because - really - thats was really all he was after , some fun

    • I did assume that. It just seems odd because he doesn't seem the type. Oh well.

    • Well he may not be, but all guys are the type truly, it just takes the right girl to push their button.
      He may have wanted more than just a fun time but again with a boyfriend he realized there was nothing there for him.

  • He was interested in getting sonmiething going but isn't interested in stepping on another guys feet.


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