I called out a ghost. Did I go about this the right way? Guys what would you think if you got this text from someone you were ghosting?

So a guy was ghosting me. We had a date and he stood me up, then when I text him the next day to ask him about it he never replied. I never texted him again until today. It has been over a week since I've heard from him and I texted him the following
"Not really sure what happened to make you ghost, but it was cool getting to know you! Hope you find what you're looking for :)"
So guys, what would you think about this text?


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  • I wouldn't waster any more time, effort, energy or emotions on someone that really doesn't care or have some serious baggage or personal issues. It could be he's doing it on purpose because he's a narcissistic bastard that did it to make himself feel good, or it could be because someone else had done the same shit to him before in the past and he was hurt by it, and now he does this to you, but that's because he doesn't realize or care that two wrongs don't make a right.


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  • Why even say anything? I'm genuinely curious.

    • I just wanted him to know I knew what he was doing and that it wasn't right. I wanted him to see that not all girls are crazy, that I was not upset about it, and I could respond to the situation positively and in a mature way. I also wanted to send it as a way of ending things permanently so he doesn't think he can just pop back in whenever he wants to.

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  • I'm a girl, but I think that is pretty straight forward and to the point. He isn't worth your time girly