Can a Freshman get a Sophomore guy?

I'm a Freshman in Highschool, and I am mostly friends with the upperclassmen. At lunch I sit with a mix of juniors, sophomores, and a senior. We are all really close friends, and about 5 weeks ago, two guys who were friends with one of my new friends started sitting with us. They are both sophomores and we have really gotten along so far. Lunch is filled with laughter, jokes, and casual talking. Both the guys make me laugh - they're also a little bit insane. In conclusion, we have a really good time and they're both very attractive. I've developed some feelings for one of them, and maybe even the other! I really want to get to know them first and be friends and see if it could be something more. But would a sophomore ever go for a freshman? P. S. Today they were surprised I was a freshman. Everyone at the table knows, I guess it was just never brought up since they came haha... they thought I was a sophomore or junior.

I would like some guys opinions too! :)


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  • Hey girlie! I understand what you are saying. Sterotypical highschool tells us that guys don't date freshman. I personally don't see any truth to this myth BUT in any case, they both THOUGHT you were older then you are which is a good thing! I would be REALLY careful about talking to both guys with the intention of getting to know them... boys do gossip and it would be kind of odd if they both sent screen shots of this girl they were talking to, to eachother and surprise!!! It's youuuu!!
    But as for the age, the majority of men are older then the women they date. It's just human nature! Don't fret about it too much, you have 3 and 1/2 more years to go :)

    • Haha thank you! We aren't really on a texting basis. One of them added me on snapchat and I added them back. But the one I really like I have no communication with. Any tips on how to grab his number or snapchat? 😏 I don't want to seem like I'm chasing him at all.

    • Ahhhhhhhhhhh. Attracted to the quite one? Better watch out, those are the dangerous ones ;)
      Hmmmmmm.. tips for getting his SC or #... I didn't have sc when I was a FM in HS... my personal opinion is to go with Instagram? That's a social media where everyone follows everyone so it won't be too odd to randomly add him... maybe add his friend also? We can message you in there if he wanted to.
      I would say for him to initiate the exchange if you want to go the SC route. But using it infront of him will give him a lot more opportunity to bring it up. Other thing is if y'all take group photos and have your Gfs ask you to send it to them. That gives him an in to ask for ur number so you can send the picture to him?

    • Good idea! I'll try to be sneaky haha. Thank you!

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  • Sure. Why not?

    • Feels like maybe it's uncool? I know that's typical. But I'm younger. They probably wouldn't be attracted to me? Any tips on how to maybe make them interested? We have really good conversations. They sometimes wink at me xD

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    • Thank you! I sometimes feel not "wanted" I've never had a boyfriend, if you don't count the gradeschool flings haha- but those aren't real. No guys have ever asked me out, or showed any feelings toward me. I have one guy friend, however he is like my brother.

    • Well, something will turn up soon. 😉