I don't understand how I can be SO obsessed with one guy to the point that I cannot imagine having sex with anyone else or desiring anyone else?

We aren't even dating. We've semi known each other for a few months, and we both are attracted to each other but it's on hold. We haven't discussed it, it's just how it is because of our life circumstances.
But I've noticed 1) ANY activity or post of his online, I go Gaga over.. like any photo, any comment, etc. My friends think he's a 5/10, too sloppy, and too short; they don't see what I see in him... yet I think he is gorgeous. I feel like he is honestly the most beautiful person because of who he is.
& 2) I am not interested in ANY other guy, or sexually wanting anyone but him. I am only aroused by the thoughts of him. I've been asked out a bunch of times the past couple weeks, and I've grind them all down because it's as if.. if i know someone like him exists, I don't want anyone else. I've never been so enamored by anyone in my life and I'm basically wondering if this is normal? Or what it even is that I'm feeling, or any logic behind it?

Turned ** them all down, ugh phone and fingers


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  • Wow... why is he so great? Is it just his looks? Or is it his heart?

    • His soul; it matches mine. I realize his looks aren't that great but to me (and it seems like only me since others I talk to don't think he's anything great... someone even said he looked like a hobo)... but I don't know I think we match inside.

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    • We do, it's just in limbo right now because he is traveling the country and he's very busy.. he won't be back til November

    • That's not too long!

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  • So if he's back by November, try to talk to him a little before he gets home and then have a thing celebrating him coming home. As for what you're experiencing, it's normal. It happens when you start liking someone a little but you think about them all the time so your infatuation just increases and increases until you're not interested in someone else

  • Its new and exciting still, in time it will fade if you don't try to connect on a deeper level though im sure


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