Break up or not?

I've been dating this guy for about a year. We met each other 6 years ago but we were just friends. We started dating when we were 16, now we are both 17.
Here's the thing: I was always sociable, a popular girl, leader, really outgoing person who loves adrenaline and attention.
He is shy, smart guy who loves arts, hates parties, loves videogames, and basically hates everything above I wrote about me.
I don't know how it happened, but we started dating, I totally shout down parties, friends and my love for adrenaline. Just because of him. It worked. He was happy. But about 14 day ago I went on a week trip with friends. (I want him to go too but he said he doesn't want to go... for no reason). And that week woke up the girl I used to be. All my friends said: what happened to you its like you've just woke up from a trans! I felt amazing. Like it was me again!
I have 2 parts of personality:
1. Part says: stay with this guy, he'll treat you like a princess, he'll be a great father once, he'll take care of you and love you.
2. Part says: this is not who you are, you are 17 and you should have some fun. This guy blames you and says you are discussing for having a glass of vine on a party!
I'm not planning to get stable any time soon. I want to have friends (which he doesn't like), but I also want to be with a guy who treats me like he did. If I was 27 not 17 it would be an easy choise for me. But now I'm still young. Shouldn't I enjoy life?


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  • I think we would be a great father but ur 17 and obviously not ready 4 kids yet... so be happy and enjoy ur youth... and if he is the one he will b there for u when ur ready


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  • See where things go but remember you have the right to be yourself and shouldn't have to change for someone. It's also okay for two people to be completely different but still be together. I guess what I'm saying is don't let him dictate your present and future but dont completely write him off either. If things start getting weird make sure you communicate with him. Don't assume things. Make your voice heard so he doesn't become confused either.

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  • The question is how much you love him or do you really love him. May be why shouldn't you be with him try what he likes about his world. Probably if you show him that you love him so much he may try to do what you like.

  • Break up


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