After this girl avoided me and we stopped talking for 2 months, what was she indicating when she said "Hope you're doing well with a smiley face =)?

We used to talk and say Hello and smile at each other 3-4 days for 3 months.

She even met in public and screamed my name out and jumped.
She would laugh at my jokes and tell me I'm awesome.

We sat next to each other and looked into other eyes and had a long conversation.

The next day, The girl sent me a chat giving me her personal phone number with a smiley face =) asking to call her.

Eventually, we had a minor argument over text so we stopped talked to each 1 3/4 months after I texted her days later.

She stopped emailing, calling, and chatting.
She stopped stepping out to stare at me and talk to me.
She even avoided me, looking down and putting her hand over her face when I looked at her across the hallway.

2 weeks before,
I made attempts to send her an email and say Hello to her for over 2 weeks.
I would send her a email and she would respond with Thanks! (My Name)
When I said Hello to her, she looked at me said Hello, look back and blush.
I was the one initiating all the contacts.

2 weeks later, out of nowhere she sent me a email asking me question and I responded and she sent me email back with
"Thanks so much, (My Name) Hope you're doing well. with a smiley face emoji =)

What does it mean or what she is indicating?
What is your opinion?


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  • She has gotten over the argument and will be friends is what's im reading from this conversation


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  • Stop contacting her and go no contact. Serious.