Why did he stop texting me?

i have been talking with this guy for almost a month now and everything was going great , he would compliment me , make plans to go out and spend time together , etc. but now he doesn't text me anymore. He would post on social media but not text me or even acknowledge me, he just vanished. Its been almost 2 days , did i do anything wrong? or is it he just doesn't want me anymore?

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What Guys Said 1

  • "compliment me , make plans to go out and spend time together , etc" it seems like he's putting in the effort to want to be with you, but maybe you aren't showing it back? I mean, you say he doesn't "text me or even acknowledge me", but have you tried texting him, acknowledging him? I could be wrong, but maybe he just wants to know if you can about him. Maybe he is busy, but whatever the case is, just reach out to him, its NOT needy or clingy, just reach out.

    • i did reach out to him but then he replied and didn't really care to continue the conversation , when he would compliment me i would do the same :(

What Girls Said 1

  • If you've texted him, but he's ignoring you for days I'd just stop intitiating contact. Usually when someone stops texting it means you're never on their mind, and they feel indifferent towards you.

    • well he replied but there was nothing else i could say so i didn't respond back. thats what i am thinking though

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    • oh okay thank you very much :)

    • You're welcome