Girls, if a guy asked to meet up with you and you said yes and decided on bringing friends too, would you tell the guy beforehand?

  • Yes I would tell him I'm bringing my friends
    100% (5)
  • No i wouldn't tell him I'm bringing friends
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  • it depends.
    If he phrased the "meet up" like a casual thing, then I might just assume it's a bunch of friends hanging out, and therefore it's not necessary to specify which friends are coming with me.
    If I'm meeting someone for the first time (like after talking to this guy on the Internet), then I might bring friends for safety reasons. I might not tell him I'm bringing the friends, because I'd probably wait to see what he's like to decide if I want them to stay with me the whole time or if I'm going to tell them to go away once we meet.

    • So if he just said something like "wna try this bowling place?" You'd assume he was bringing friends?

    • bowling can be a couple's thing, but more often it is a group activity.
      What I would assume depends on how I know the guy / my existing relationship with him. If we met on Tinder and have been talking and now he says "let's try this bowling place" then I would assume it's a date. But if he's just a friend, then I would assume it is a friend outing. Personally, I would probably tell him who I'm bringing (like: "I'm picking Jess up at 1:00 then I'll meet you there!") but I wouldn't ASK if it's okay for me to bring friends, because I would assume it is, since I'm assuming it's not a date.