Shy, intimidated, or disinterested?

I'm attracted to a guy in one of my classes at uni but he's very hard to read. When we speak, he looks into my eyes and then stares at the ground and fidgets with his fingers. He smiles a lot but doesn't say much. Once, he opened his mouth to talk to me, then closed it and just smiled at the ground. We had an extended conversation once after a creative writing class. He told me he loved my writing and was friendly/giggled/even teased me a little, but for the most part, we don't speak much and he's more confident online than in person. He almost never initiates conversation.

I don't think I'm very pretty, but other people seem to think so. I do get hit on almost daily and I've had guys tell me they were afraid to talk to me because they assumed I already had a boyfriend. I think that this guy is probably disinterested but maybe he's attracted to me, too? I know I'm not giving a ton of info, but guys, what do you think?
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Shy, intimidated, or disinterested?
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