Is my crush playing hard to get?

1. We are always staring at each other. Sometimes we chat and she is really nice anytime I approach her. Then other days she walks pass me as if I did not see me. I always see her looking at me at a distance ALWAYS. Sometimes
she will talk to her friend and keep looking at me.

2. A lot of guys in my class like her and she is so friendly and nice to them. But with me she is a little more reserved. She acts super quiet when I m around but really loud and flirty with other guys

3. I sent her a message on fb because I thought she was shy. She was alll cool and then when I see her the next day it was aloof.

4. Days later she would come sit by me with a mutual friend asking me questions.

5. The other day I saw her walking at school and asked her to come sit by me. She said "no you can come sit by me " then she sits exactly in front of me with her back facing me. And was flirting with a guy that approached her. I acted like I didn't care but really didn't care. It just seemed obvious she wanted me to come sit by her instead of her coming to sit by me.

I can tell by the look in her eyes she wants me but I think she wants me to run after her like every guy in my school. :she also notices how girls come up to le all the time and flirt with me. But I don't rub it in her face , I'm just friendly with the other girls in my school.

Its mixed signals.


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What Girls Said 1

  • I do not think she is actually interested in you. That's how her personality is.

    • I don't know. She asked my friend about me the other day and I barely know her. I think she wants me to pursue her but I don't play games

What Guys Said 1

  • The look in her eyes tells you she wants you? Damn if you know her so well then you don't need to ask gag - just go get her son!

    • Well I want to make sure that I'm just another guy that she can have when she wants. I need to make her work for it and show her that I'm not like all the guys in my school. If she wants my attention she needs to work for it

    • Um yeah good luck with that

    • The other guys in my school are trying to hard. I think she friend zoned them. But I don't know if she can figure me out haha. I like her a lot but have to keep my cool to see if I'm just another guy