Could this work out? Need advice?

Everything was going so great in the beginning! He was the one who pursued me. We talked about exes and he told me he was over his. But they did break up only a month and a half before then. We were inseparable for a few days, we had so much attraction and a great connection. So ofcourse I really started to like him. But then when we met up for dinner one night after spending the whole morning together with friends, he was standoffish and different.. he told me he was trying not to kiss me and that he was still not over his ex, which came out of nowhere! We didn't really talk much for the next month. Until a two weeks ago he showed up to the bar. I was cordial with him but didn’t pay much attention to him. But he couldn’t keep away from me. He kept coming over to me and talking to me and being flirty. He followed me around all night. He also told me he wants to spend more time with me.. And at the end of the night he tried to walk me home but I refused.. I do like him and spending time with him. But Im not going to be a rebound or just sleep with him. We have mutual friends so were going to see each other. And when he does this stuff like flirt with me it gets Confusing! I saw yesterday and there's clearly still a connection, we're drawn towards eachother. He was being flirty again. Whenever I see him I still do have feelings and that connection is still definitely there.. I try to resist it, then just end up getting frustrated that I do! Am I just an idiot if I try to go for him? What would I even do at this point? Could I go back to how it was in the beginning.. how does he feel?


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  • No your not an idoit for going for him. You and him have a connection and related to each other by talking about your exes. Maybe his trying to walk you home was not to get into your pants. I usually walk my female friends home or to their cars.
    He took some time now he want to move on. If your not ready yet tell him that your not over your ex either and ask for time. Take it and decide. Hold off on the sex for a long time. Make sure that you like him for him and not just a freind to talk to.

    • He has good intentions! He walked me home a lot in the past actually! We would just cuddle and have sleepovers without sex a lot. I'm OVer my ex since a 5 months ago. I'm hoping he's over his by now. I do like him for him! We have so much fun together no matter what we do

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    • We have so many mutual friends and always all go out together. Him and I always end up together, drawn towards one another. He kept comin over to me last time every 5 minutes haha. We're all going out in a few days so I'll see how that goes and get my friend to hint a few things then. After that hopefully he'll ask me to do something or I'll ask him I guess. What do I tell my friend to say

    • Good idea hopefully it will work out for you. sadly none of my freinds are in a dating mindset so I can't seem to get any of them to help me. The ones who are dating saw what happened last time they meddled and are staying out of it this time. Sadly I'm on my own.
      Good luck with him. : o)

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  • He's obviously not over her. How many times are you going to ask this question?