What do you find attractive in men?

What do you find attractive in Men? Physically, mentally, materially or anything!

I am asking because as a straight guy, I have no idea what girls like about guys. I don't find them attractive at all and have no idea why anyone would find guys attractive lol.

That being said, I'm also curious... Do straight girls find other girls attractive?



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  • their smile, how firm they could be, if their considerate, creative, they don't have to be nice nice (push over) but i like when i see they have a backbone. i like guys who don't wear oversized t-shirts, don't wear jordans with every outfit, don't wear basketball shorts whenever they go out, or sag their pants, wear their pants that are too tight or too big - i like guys who dress decent.


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  • Dear Anonymous,

    In my opinion, girls would go for looks first (eg. Abs, biceps, chest size, etc.) A brainless hulk isn't a good combo so knowledge is considered too.

    To be honest, it is a combination of all 4 but each girl is unique. For example, I like guys who mentally challenge me in terms of knowledge and experience. That's what gets me going and motivated and stay in a relationship.

    Be interesting and try not to bore your girl. The first paragraph should be able to answer all your questions about females attracted to males.

    As a straight girl, I can say no. Unless you have experienced watching girl on girl porn. Then you might, might turn. Depends on the girl's determination and rationale.



  • I like men that have a good sense of humor. Nothing is more attractive to me than personality. Physically i like guys with abs. Thats it really. Im not really straight but i find other girls pretty.

  • I don't know..

    • You don't know why you find guys attractive?

    • I find you attractive ;)

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