Help!! What are some ways I can approach this guy? And What are the chances of me getting rejected?

I don't want to sit around waiting n hoping he approaches me. There is this really attractive guy at school and i've talked to him quite a bit but not much. He at least knows i exist lmao! But, anyways i'm thinking of approaching him and maybe askin him out but I don't know how. I'm new to this. Do you have any tips? I am not the most attractive girl so i'm kind of scared but i'm not ugly. he's popular with the girls too so I don't know. But i really like him so i might as well take the chance. Do you guys think i'll get rejected badly? What should i say or do?

Oh and My friend actually has his number, should i message him or is that really creepy?


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  • Firstly, rejection is never really a bad thing. At most it can be kind of funny. You just have to never take it personally because you're worth so much more than one or 2 rejections.

    I'd try flirting with him first to see how interested he is if you want to increase your chances of not getting rejected though. Get to know him a little more and see, I only ask girls out if I think they're interested in me and I've never failed. If you're getting good signs, just ask him if he'd like to go out sometime. You don't have to make it awkward, I won't just randomly go up to a girl and ask her out, I'll go up to her with the intention of having a conversation and when the convo is going good, somewhere I'll suggest that we should go out sometime, and if she's down she won't just brush it past, she'll act on it.


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  • Even if you get rejected, it will help you grow. Don't view it as a failure.
    Also, you never know he might be interested in you.

    Anyway, approach him with the purpose of getting to know him better. Throw some subtle compliments and smile at him often whenever you're talking to him.

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