What shall I do if my ex is back while I'm in love with someone else?

I'm in love with someone else but my ex (boyfriend for 4 years, broke up last year) is coming back acting so sweet and want me back in his life. but on the other hand, the guys that I'm in love is getting back with his ex too but still having sex with me one in awhile. what shall I do?


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  • The reason most guys return to their ex is because they are lonely and are unable to find their next woman. I realize women have that powerful emotional thing to deal with. Still, I would tell him it ended a year ago and wish him luck.

    • we broke up bcos of his mom. his parents did not like my family as I come from a broken family. now he told me that he's sure that he loves me so much and wanna fight for me. I have no idea what to do right now as when I'm with him, I'm thinking of the other guy but the other guy is back with his ex rn even though he said that he likes me and wanna be with me, we're still having sex though he's acting all distant..

    • You are living in the middle of one nasty storm. If I were you I would get away from both these guys, for the sex with anyone and give yourself time to let all this sink in. If you grab at straws for an answer you are likely to unknowingly pick the one that is not best for you.

      I can speak from personal experience. I have been living alone since my divorce ended in 2010. Actually, I began living with my two dogs in 2008. Once in a while she would come by and watch a movie with me and discuss our situation. Every now and then we would have sex. When it was finally over I tried dating. It was a train wreck from hell. I was not in any mental or emotional condition to get back into that yet.

      Now I no longer feel the pain or residue from that marriage and am actively seeking someone. I am picky. Very picky. As my mind is clear and knows what type of a woman I seek. I believe you need to do something similar. These things take time to heal.

    • yeah, true. I feel like I need some time to think and let them go but I'm scared that I'll regret it someday :(

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  • Well who do you have feelings for more?
    Though personally you really do need to leave the other guy. He's getting his ex back so clearly you don't mean as much

    • I think I have feelings for the other guy more :(

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    • yeah, but my ex is so persistent. he once fetch me at my crush's place at 4 in the morning. I have no idea how to tell him as he said that he's sure that deep down I still have feelings for him, just that I'm now falling for my crush blindly. hmm. yeah, my crush is back with his ex, he told me that while having sex with me :'( I feel worthless.

    • You need to stop it with both of them. Cut them out. As at the end of the day it's you getting hurt. And you deserve better. Someone who wants you.

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  • You stay with who you are with now. The issues that caused the breakup will still be there.


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  • Best to leave the guy you're sleeping with because he is obviously just using you for sexual needs and nothing else. And just be honest with your ex and let him know that you don't feel the same for him any longer.

    • I was thinking about contacting his ex and let her know that I'm exist but it won't be good, I guess.

    • It wouldn't really change much, he still chose her and I'd rather keep things classy- just allow the truth to reveal itself. At some point she will know. But for now, have some self respect and do you. The right man won't treat you like a second option.

      You deserve much better than that, queen :)

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