Why don't I have anyone?

I just got back from homecoming. All my friends had dates. I had nobody.
I asked three girls to go with me. Two said no, one said she would if she was going but I later found out she has a boyfriend.
I was gonna ask someone else too, before I asked the others (that would make 4), but she got asked my someone else, who, I might add, is way uglier than me.
I've been told I'm a pretty good looking guy, that I'm funny and talented, but nobody who I have even the slightest interest in has any interest in me. (And it's not like I go on a asking out frenzy, or that I come on too strong or anything.)
I get so fucking pissed when I see that everyone else has someone, and I'm still alone. What the hell is wrong with me, and how do I deal with this?

(Sorry for the cussing. I'm just kind of mad right now.)


Most Helpful Guy

  • You're so lucky.

    Women are a nightmare and relationships are like horror movies


What Girls Said 1

  • Well maybe your putting yourself out there too much. I mean you asked out 3 nearly 4 girls and girls do talk. So whoever you even asked then would feel 4th place


What Guys Said 1

  • If your good looking you wouldn't have gotten rejected 3x time (possibly 4). Sorry but your either an average male or ugly.

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