Im not sure whether to text this guy?

So me and this guy have been talking for a few months now and he asked me if he wanted to have a Skype session. We did and it was very awkward, we didn't have a lot to say and we quite most of the time. We were only talking for maybe 20 minutes and he hasn't messaged me for a good day. Usually he messages me once or twice everyday but now Im stressing out and paranoid. I knew it was going to be awkward for the first time but now I feel like I have left a bad impression. He rarely messages me anyway so I thought he wasn't interested, but then he asked to call so I thought he was just a bad texter?
Im not sure if I should wait a bit longer or just dont bother messaging him? Feel like I screwed up 3 months worth of bonding in a matter of 20 minutes.. Im scared to message him because I dont want to seem clingy, help!


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  • I feel in this situation it'll be more awkward the longer you wait. Don't worry if he truly liked you one awkward conversation wouldn't kill 3 months of hard work haha. Go for broke and message him. I think you'll find you're over analyzing this. Also, don't forget a conversation is a two way street. He also was being awkward, not just you. Don't take full ownership on this ya goof.

    • Hahaha thank you! I feel bad because he was trying to start a conversation but I was nervous and overwhelmed, but who knows. If he doesn't reply back I know where I stand

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    • Honestly, Im that sad its hard to breathe almost. But no pain no gain, will eventually be able to pick myself up quicker after being hurt :)
      It was a good learning experience and should be able to step back and take my own advice if something similar was happening to a friend. Thank you for the follow up! Good luck with your studies

    • Just relax and watch some puppy and kitten videos. You'll be happy in no time :P. Let this motivate you and make sure you recognize that you did nothing wrong, and that you deserve a great guy. Best wishes and thanks.

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  • From where I am Sitting, it Seems that not only 'Feel like I screwed up 3 months worth of bonding in a matter of 20 minutes,' But.. Wasted 3 months of your Life that you Can't get back.
    If you Both are Having an Issue with Skype, what Makes you think the Voice on the Other end will be any different on the Cell?
    I am not Sure what his Problem might be, but he Doesn't sound like Anyone, hun, who is Really a lot Of... Fun.
    Let him Call you. See what Happens or If he does. He doesn't Appear as though he is Into Texting nor Talking nor Skype.
    Good luck. xx

    • So you are saying he doesn't sound interested? The texting conversations were like that before skyping and when he asked to Skype I thought he was still interested.
      He usually gets my messages and reads them but does not reply back until later... I do that to sometimes but it is only because I was busy at the time

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, hun, and I am quite Confident you will know what to do next. xxoo

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  • You're freaking out too much!! Don't think too into this. He's probably interested in you, it's okay. Everyone's first Skype call is awkward it's okay! Don't look too deep into it! He's probably just busy if he's not responding too often. He has a life too! But if he's still responding he's still interested in you. He could be completely freaking out like you are. He most likely is thinking the same thing that you are. Try calling again and talking more. Ask him how his day was, if he has any pets he can show you, I don't know but just talk! It probably seems like te most difficult thing to do, but doing something helps. Or having something prepared helps. For example, if you said something like "hey I just finished drawing this picture what do you think?" Or talk about a movie that you just saw. "I just saw suicide squad yesterday, I loved it! Have you seen it yet?" Or, "I just started reading this really good book, it's about-" that kinda stuff! Just chit-chat! With a bit of flirting thrown in if you can :) good luck with this! And just remember, go with what your heart says, don't overthink anything, and be yourself! :)

    • Haha I know everyone has a life, it is completely understandable but was very worried because I do not usually video call anybody, it was all new to me so was not sure if it was normal to be that awkward! Just kept stumbling over words and didn't have a lot to say...

    • Naww!! Yeah! My first video call was a nightmare 😂😂

    • Shhh!! 😂😂 Yeah I hope he can give me another chance to redeem myself.. he did try starting a conversation multiple times but I was abit nervous so... now he isn't replying back to my message :/

  • Maybe he felt that there was no connection.

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