How do I steer a pre-relationship back into the friend zone?

I had a crush on a guy. We’ve spent a couple weekends together and we’ve even gotten a little physical (cuddling). After spending this time with him, I found that I no longer have romantic feelings towards him and only see him as a good friend. He on the other hand seems to be heading towards wanting to officially date. We’ve never gone on a “date,” but we have “hung out” (his words) and have treated each other as more than friends. I want to subtly send him hints and steer him away from wanting to date me before he gets too serious. What are some ways I can do this without being really obvious?


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  • Tell him you are happy to have him as a friend, tell him he is a good friend. Tell him he like a brother to you. Case closed.


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  • Honestly, just stop responding to him, or start only sending him one word responses (texting wise). As for being in person, don't flirt or anything, and try to avoid him if you can. If you still want to be friends, establish that with him. Maybe be with a group of mutual friends and keep using terms like "friend, or buddy" to him to subtly tell him that he's only your friend. If he doesn't get the clues (he might not) you have to tell him. Because let's be honest, sometimes guys don't get it. Good luck with this situation!


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  • You need to tell him straight up. You had a crush that you pursued that didn't work out to your expectations. He can only be put in the friend zone if you leave him wondering.. Is that really what you want to do?


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