I feel sad that I missed the chance to video chat my boyfriend last night. Help?

So we are in a LDR and he wanted to Skype me at 1 am in the morning my time (10 pm his time) and he never did but he texted me at 6 am my time saying "ready to videochat?❤️ :)" but I went to bed an hour before because I was started to feel ill and nauseous from staying up and I woke up just now and saw his message and started crying cause I lost the chance and now I won't be able to till 2 weeks cause I won't be around to video chat next weekend cause I'm going to Florida for the weekend with my friends. He wanted to video chat at 1 am because he knew he would have the computer to himself then and his parents wouldn't be snooping on him. I felt so sad that I lost the chance to video chat him that I started crying and now it's 6:26 am in the morning his time so he went to bed 3 hours ago 😔 I wanted to video chat him so badly cause it would be our first time and I wanted to see how happy he'd be and I wanted him to verbally tell me "I love you" because I've never heard a guy say that to me before and it would've made me really happy :( we've been dating for 7 months now (met on a cruise going to the Bahamas and hung out with each other for a week) I just don't know what to do now 😔 Looks like I'll have to wait for two weeks to get the chance again. Is there something I can do? I'm sad


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  • Be up first next time

    • I stayed up until I really felt like throwing up (5 am)