Bumble/Tinder coffee or 1 drink date that went well, would you want a hug, a kiss, lots of kissing or make out (if looking for a partner not a hookup?

Assume you had already been on dates with several others and hadn't found one you liked but you liked this person. Also assume you were looking for a long term relationship, not a hook up, but the date went well. Finally assume there wasn't much sexual flirting but you two were already scheduling a second date, for a full dinner date, instead of the 1 drink to meet date you just had. Would you want just a hug, a kiss, some real kissing or even to make out?

  • After a 1 drink date, even if I liked them, I'd only want a hug goodnight
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  • I'd like a cheek kiss goodnight.
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  • Id prefer a simple mouth kiss goodnight.
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  • Since I liked them, I'd prefer a real kiss with more kissing goodnight.
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  • I'd even hope to go inside their place or mine for some fooling around.
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  • Why not take it all the way
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What Girls Said 1

  • A hug or mild kiss That's all id want until the next date.


What Guys Said 2

  • Why not take it all the way

  • Bumble -70% chance if you get a match she wants to match.

    Coffee date - 30-40% chance she could just be using you for free meal or she is just bored and wanted someone to hang out with.

    Tinder - 15-20% chance could just be on for attention.

    The answer is obvious.

    • Not sure I follow your logic. I'm saying it is a match (100%) in person, after just a coffee date if both were interested, what would you hope for (or she hope for) at the end?

    • On bumble a girl has to speak with you for anything to start rolling. If woman want you they'll initiate it and thereby improving the success.

      If you got her on Tinder she could very well be pleasant in person but just be using you because she is bored or wants a free meal; girls have used men for free pizza via tinder.

      So what i'm getting at from your question that even if its 100% match on both. I would much rather it be a bumble girl and go from there than a tinder bitch who might very well be using my ass.

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