Share your dating experiences with people you've met from online dating?

I'm actually more after the good and perhaps some happy endings to restore my faith again!
But equally love top hear the bad or the funny!

My friend persuaded me on POF then I tried match.

I've met up with some nice and genuine people that it was just a no with but we had a nice night. Just recently however, it has not been so and it has been people who thankfully I am finding out quickly there would be some issues there!
Like the guy started banging on at me about things like the amount of sugar in the 250mls of organic cold pressed apple juice I like each day and sending me articles to try and prove to me why I'm being unhealthy and why I should stop... (I'm a healthy weight I eat healthy too and often hike 4 times a week equating to usually 25 miles) Also a very negative response when I didn't jump at the last minute to meet him a couple days after we first met and I was already busy doing my own thing. And wanted me to text him each time I got home so he knew I was home... He got a right hump on! Whaooo that was a bit much, you litterally just said hi on a dating site to me less than 2 weeks ago?

So many people actually come accross as nut jobs... like the ones that repeated message again and again if you don't always respond quickly (I'm not even logged in?)

So please, I hope you have some nice stories to share? Or shall I knock it on the head?


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  • Online dating is the best possible way to date! It opens you up to a huge group of people for whom you'd normally never even speak with. For example, I'm able to purposely seek out working-class women or African American women or extremely man-hating liberal women or even nutty, quick-triggered conservative women.

    The thing is, if you're meeting a lot of nuts, then you're probably attracted to a certain profile type. And that's totally ok -- everyone does that. But given that it's online dating, maybe you should try responding to a guy that you don't find particularly attractive at first glance? I mean, you're a woman so you're no doubt getting tons of requests on these dating sites (this is just how it works) so loosen your filter and open your mind a little. It may still not work out, but that's natural. I would like to think that there are a large group of women that I find attractive and maybe even would want to have sex with, but a very, very tiny group that I really want to spend a lot of time with. The fact that dating is hard, seems about right to me otherwise we'd just marry people at random.

    • Hiya, thanks for such a great answer.

      Yes I had thought it must be something I'm doing or more of a subconcious of not quite being in the right place of dating again so being almost not naturally drawing the right people! Of actualy peple I have met they have mostly been fine and nice gents as a whole! Just a couple nuts.

      Oh I completely agree with the not going by just looks thing. You assume sir. I do respond to people that aren't that much my bup of tea looks wise. I've also met up these people!
      I'm not one to just shun someone completely just by looks although there are some standards. Like if people clearly don't look after their teeth etc. But you often find you get to know people you didn't find physically attractive then when you get to know them they become attractive to you if you like who they are so I'm not one of those girls.

    • Yeah I get a lot of messages. A lot come from people who are not respectful. Or people who just want sex. And then about 10% are some very unusual requests! That's fine at least they are honest and everyone knows where they stand!
      . I also get scared off by people who tell me they are lonely. I think you should sort yourself out first. Learn how to not feel lonely when alone and love yourself. How to be fulfiled in your life already to share and want to be with someone not NEED it. So many people aren't willing to work on their life and are looking to a girlfriend or boyfriend to fill a gap. I'm love my own company as well as my friends and families company. I'm really happy where I am in life and within myself. So someone who isn't is a major red flag.

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  • I've met a ton of women from dating sites, from interesting to boring to very messed up.

    Sadly none of them have ever led to relationships. The closest I've felt to a relationship from there, I ended up being a rebound twice.

    I also noticed this year that I've met the most attractive women there but also got screwed over the most. Not to put them on pedestals because they're cute by any means.


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