Girls, seriously, how would you choose to date between those two guys (Face/Height question)?

Guy number one is not shorter than 5'9 and depending on your height (if you are 5'8 and above) will be always 2 inches (5cm) taller than you and quite cute and handsome.
Guy number two is as tall as you ideally would like (any height, up to you) but has an average face. Both guys have a good athletic body builds :)
Please consider any other factors that may influence your decision being equal.

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If it's not much to ask for, please share your height as well


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  • I can give you two advice, if you are concerned of your height.
    1) Do lots of cycling and that rope jumping. I forgot the name of that exercise.
    2) Have a lean figure. If you are short and have a muscular body, you will more shorter.


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  • The first guy. I don't really give a fuck about height.


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  • I am 5'5 to 5'6
    short one 😁

    do you have short friends don't have problems with there heights?

    • Im just sick of the society/media brainwashing as height being the best thing in the universe of humankind, so I just wanted to know if really tall is that important in case the case is already taller than you

    • yes !
      Imagin that my ex girlfriend rejected me because height and she was shorter than me 🙁

      she did't see my personality 🙁
      I wish if they see my personality rather than height.
      sometimes I think to give up and commite suicide!

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