What is the deal with me and my ex girlfriend?

We broke up nearly a month ago after I found out that she had sex with another guy around the first week of March. We had been together for almost three years. The first week, it was like pulling teeth to get her to talk to me about anything, even what we were going to do with the dog. The next week, she was all in my business wanting to be lovey-dovey and sleep over. I thought she had come to her senses and let that happen. The third week we fought all the time and finally started unearthing the lies that we had told each other during the relationship. Now, this last week has been great. We have been getting along like we did when we first starting dating. She has even been saying I love you and we've had sex, a lot. But, she keeps reminding me that we aren't dating and that she just wants to be single right now because she has so much going on. She is going to be away from me all summer, so I could understand if she didn't want to have to deal with being apart. However, I don't know if that is how she really feels. Sometimes, I kind of feel like I am getting played for the last two weeks that we have classes this semester, after that she can get away. But, she really does seem to want to be together we me, she even ended the fling she was having with the other guy and was very open and honest about it all. Does it sound like she is yanking me around, or should I stick it out and see if she is just trying to take it slow?

In response to cocxcali: I am definitely in love with her.Update:We found out today (4/21) that she is pregnant and that she doesn't know which one of us fathered the child. She is due in December and has to decide who she wants to support her.


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  • Ooh. ): Wow, that is unfortunate. I feel really bad...you sound like someone who deserves someone who would love them with their all and not just fling around with different guys. =/ I mean here you are looking for help from a 3rd party and she's out there getting pregnant and not knowing who the father is.

  • I think she's confused but leaning more on the "yanking you around" side. Sounds like she's just looking for fun and wants nothing serious. It also sounds like she sort of has commitment issues and knows she won't be committing to you so she's taking that to her advantage. Now that I think about it, I think she's totally in it all for fun. I'm sorry. ): But at least you get fun too I guess. But one question are you in love with her? Or is she just sort of there.


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