What to text him in between dates?

I've been dating a guy for a few weeks who I really like so far. He just moved out of town so our options have been limited to the weekends he comes back home. That meant we were able to go out three weekends in a row, but this weekend he isn't coming back. We made plans for me to go and see him instead next weekend, (had plans of my own already for this weekend) which makes a total two weeks between seeing him. After our most recent date, we talked on the phone two days in a row, for a very long time, something which he initiated, and then Monday we texted about me going up there, but ever since those plans were set, we haven't texted or communicated in any way.
I'm not a huge texter, and I've told him so. Neither is he. But I would still like to hear from him every few days, even if its just for a few minutes. I've got no problem initiating texts, but I don't know what to say. I absolutely refuse to text 'hey.' It's got to have a purpose. Any suggestions?


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  • It doesn't need to have a purpose, but it should have a topic. Otherwise, you're just putting all of the pressure of finding a discussion point on him and that's not really fair considering you're having trouble with the same thing.

    Anyway, when something funny comes up at work, why not text him about that? Or even make up something. "My co-worker brought in thai food for lunch and it looked really good! Have you ever had thai food? Maybe we should try that together sometime."


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  • I'm not a big texter and my guy I just started seeing either.
    We text like every other day.
    I know exactly what you talking about lol
    I send him my selfies lol
    And he loves getting my selfies :) it sparks up I think.
    Are you guys sexually active? Hook up or made out?
    I send him normal/cute selfies most time but sometimes I do sexy ones like in my lingeries, bras,, spice it up make him get excited haha

  • If you're dating you donnt beed a purpose to text him! The purpose is you want to know how he is. So just text him and ask him it's going :)