Sent the guy I like a friend request on Facebook, now I'm panicking over it?

Okay, so here's the thing! I added a guy I find very attractive (know him through work, and he is kind of an "well known" profile in our rather small town, because he plays for the team here. I did kind of regret it because it was such a stupid thing to do, we follow each other on other social media and I was like well lets do this, he has not accepted it yet but a friend of mine told me that she added him too a few days ago accidentally (she did not know i sent him the friend request) and that she saw he rejected it before she even had time to remove the request a few hours later from her computer. He has not accepted/rejected mine yet, i'm so nervous because If I remove the request now it might look even worse as he probably have seen it. What do you guys think? I feel so stupid for even writing about this, because I usually don't care about these stuff and oh, NEVER add people i don't really know on faceook lol. but we sure do get silly when we have crushes...


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  • We sure do get silly, come on, we can get extremely irrational but it is actually a good thing because what we think as silly is actually good because it shows us that we have emotions.

    Now on to the friend request part. First of all, don't panic, it is just a friend request, not like you told him you liked him or love him. That would make you look like a fool in maybe his eyes but I for one would respect it since you didn't hold in your heart and beat around the bush.

    Just understand that it was a friend request not a marriage request. And even if it was one it was not like a bad thing to do

    • Haha thank you! My first time writing here and I felt silly for even bringing it up, you guys are so nice! I don't know why I'm making a big deal out of it truth to be told, maybe because I'm not used to this kind of thing you know I feel like its always been the way around. And I don't know what to think about the fact that he has rejected other people's request but let mine be lol. But you are right it's just a friend request and I should not panic, or act like a 13 year old (which i'm doing right now lol) Thank you for your advice x

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    • Hmm, give your guy a chance,

      and thanks I was going to forgive this person but I guess that would show me as the weaker person. There is actually 2 people, they both made up false stories about me behind my back, to defame me of course.
      oh and what about the first question :)

    • Yeah I would give him a chance, doesn't look like he's going to give me one tho haha lol.

      Well, you should and need to do whats the best for you. In situations like this, when you have been "hurt" or mistreated, you really need to think in a egoistic maner. If not, you'd end up being hurt again, most likely. What these 2 have done (making false stories about you) is just plain rude and childish, I understand why you wouldn't want to give them a second chance. However, if they mean a lot to you and they have shown that they are regretful- also if you feel that you can move on then you could rethink it perhaps..

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  • Don't delete it, cause yeah, it will look like you gave it way too much thought. Don't stress about it, as the others have said, it's just a Facebook request, it shouldn't mean nothing in particular. I mean it could mean something to receive a friend request or it could mean nothing, so it doesn't mean that he'll immediately think you have a crush on him.

    • Yes so true.. wish I wasn't so dramatic about all this, in fact I wish I didn't care at all really sucks falling for someone like him so I'm trying to convince myself is just a phase and I'll be over this silliness soon. Won't delete the request because as you say it might look even worse lol. Thank you for your reply xx

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  • Here's what I think, I have added some girls I don't know a lot, and for me what works best is to not make a big deal out of it, a girl even blocked me once just cause i sent a friend request, so just stay cool and when he does accept your request, talk to him at least once, otherwise it's going to look like you were just trying to get access to his pictures haha, good luck

    • Thank you for your advice! You are probably right, maybe I'm the fool here that is acting like crazy over this, then again as I said to someone it's not really my thing you know to add guys on Facebook/social media maybe because the guys i've been interested to previosly have been people I've already known somehow so this has not been a problem. But you are right, its not a big deal, hope he didn't get it the wrong way thou and hopping he won't come to my job more haha...

  • Just leave the request as is, if he rejects you than there is other guys out there who you can befriend on Facebook.


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  • Don't panic. Sending a friend request on FB is no big deal.

  • not a big deal, worst case he doesn't add you back