Does he like me? please help I just don't want to overthink things?

so ok ill try to make a list instead of explaining it...
1. he asked me out to a baseball game... his friend was going just because he asked two weeks prior but he told me he wanted me to go.
2. he bought my ticket and offered me food and a drink
3. crossing the street he grabbed my hand and interlocked his fingers with mine.
after the game we left and went for a walk
4. he held my hand and put his arm around me
5. he stopped turned me to face him and hugged me and held me.
6. kissed my forehead after resting his forehead on mine staring into my eyes
7. he kissed me on the lips quite a bit but in a cute way
8. he asked me to go to an attraction with him but was cancelled due to family issues
went for another walk a few days later
9. he grabbed my hand and we walked we stopped in front of scenery and he pulled me closer and rests his forehead on mine and kisses my forehead and we made out but not in a sexual way.
10. we went for a walk where we laid down and looked at the stars and he rested his head on my stomach and hugged me.
we went to an attraction
11. he held my hands in line and pulled me closer and kissed my forehead and kisses my cheek
12. he brushed my hair away from my face when he was looking at me and pinched my cheek. (face)
13. he kissed me more and more and just hugged me.
14. music was playing so he pulled me close and took my left hand and we swayed back and forth like dancing
there were some more.
but do you think he likes me?


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  • I would definitely say so. He sounds lovely. Much better than sex-obsessed knobs like me who would have gone for heavy petting by now, maybe pushed for more.

    • sometimes there is heavy petting, but he is definitely not pushing for anything and he told me that because he respects that I don't want to do that yet

    • He's more mature and respectful than I was at his age, then!

    • he's something else alright. I am totally crushing on him and that means a lot because it takes a LOT for me to open my heart to a guy just bc fear of rejection

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  • Yes he does

  • Short answer: yes he does (whether that's as a potential girlfriend or a casual relationship you'll have to gind out!)