Will he text for more than a hookup?

I met this guy last weekend and we really seemed to hit it off. It wasn't until we saw each other again the next weekend that we got to talk more and make out pretty intensely then exchanged numbers. We weren't drunk, but we were definitely drinking both times... how long should I wait for a call/text? And would he more be looking for a hook up or is there still some hope for something more?


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  • Like this guy, I take my time. If she stays waiting she will get more of my time. If she is off to greener pastures I probably was just saved from something that was not going to last.

    People who pay attention know. They see and feel the chemistry. If it is a one-way street you will soon know. If it is a two-way street you will soon know. If it feels like a two-way street then give him some time. You really do not know him. By giving him time you may have found that elusive guy that is finally your partner! :)


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  • You guys made out intensely and didn't talk about where you two heading? What he's looking for?
    I made out intensely with my guy on our first date.
    We didn't have that relationship talk. but the entire time on our first date I could see that he was very attracted to me, he said things like 'I feel like I known you for a long time, I want to see how it goes between us, what do you think of me,' stuffs indicated that he wants me more than just a hookup. Guys who only up for hookups could say the same shit but I just knew he's not that kind of person.
    You want to think back how the date went, conversations you had, how he treated you..
    how often does he text you? When he texts does he ask about how your days been? What you up to? Talks about casual stuffs?

    To answer your question,
    You can text him first. But usually if the date went well, 9.9 out of 10 guys text you first. But It could be that he's doing 3-day rule before sending you a text.
    And yes there's definitely high chance that he's looking for more than a hookup.