My friend wants to know if this girl likes him?

This is for my friend. He is talking to this girl and she has a boyfriend. He has liked this girl for a while. They text each other basically everyday. She asks him questions like "who do you like". She liked him before she got the boyfriend, and it seems like there is some feelings still there for both of them. They have had conversation also br why they have never dated when they got the chance. She got mad because my friend chose another girl over her because he thought she didn't like him at that moment. So does this girl like my friend? URGENT!!!


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  • I mean if they both like each other and u know that about both of them you should be like a match maker and set the two up. If your friend was angry about your other friend dating someone when they were already dating someone then there are definitely feelings between the two.

    • The girl has the boyfriend, and got mad at my friend for picking a girl over her. While she has a boyfriend.

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    • She wouldn't say that she likes my friend because she has a boyfriend right?

    • I mean she got mad and protective so I think she does like him. I think he should just confront her

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  • Is it a troll or what cause it's really obvious that the girl like him.

    • No troll, and exactly that's what I been telling him

    • I've read what your replies and it's time your friend start flirting or teasing her a bit. by the way why they never dated when they got the chance?

    • I have no clue why they didn't in the first place

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