How do I tell him I don't have time without causing a fight?

I met a guy yesterday and exchanged numbers with him and he's been laying it on pretty thick, talking about how he was ready for me and wants to do right by me. All of that sounds like a dream but I don't have any time to really see him. I told him that tonight and he didn't really take that well. He said that we wouldn't see each other since I didn't have time to which I agreed but when I agreed with him, he said I wasn't interested. I told him I was, but I don't have time to start anything and didn't want to string him along and have him wait for me to make time. He tells me that he'll do anything I want to do and that he wanted me.

I really don't know what to say to that without him going off on me. It's a sucky situation but I really don't have the time for something so soon and really don't want to make him wait for me to get ready. What can I tell him?


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  • Tell him that you're busy. If you're scared of him going off on you this whole relationship thing won't work out. It will be horrible for you I can guarantee that.

    I dealt with a guy like this for 2 months. If I told him I couldn't hang out for a day or even a couple house because I wanted to hang out with my sister or roommate/best friend he would go off on me and tell me that I can see them whenever I want to and I should hang out with my boyfriend instead. Our relationship was so toxic, he was manipulative, controlling and emotionally abusive. This guy you're talking to seems pretty manipulative and controlling. You guys aren't a couple and you met yesterday you both shouldn't be getting negative/fighting already.

    Just drop him and don't get hung up on him. He isn't worth it.

    • Very true words. It took a bit for him to understand that I just want to stick with being friends till I have the time and mindset for something more. He didn't seem pleased but he didn't argue and said that he'll be anything I want as long as I'm happy.

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  • Just tell him you'll meet when you can as friends and if anything more develops it'll happen naturally

    • I told him that today. He didn't seem to like it but he didn't fight against it.

    • Well at the end of the day it's the easier option. at least your not cutting it off

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