I'm so shy around his friends/roommates?

So my boyfriend lives in a house with a bunch of his friends. A couple are usually downstairs, and sometimes they have more friends over. I'm SO shy around them. I'm scared I look awkward or stuck up. They're all know each other well and are older than me. In my head I make assumptions on them judging me. I try to say something every now and then, but if I'm sitting around them or me and my guy are cooking around them, I wanna pitch in but I just feel so shy and nervous. I don't understand this... It's been a year so a while now and I barely know them. I noticed a couple that are friendly and who make me feel welcomed but most of them are like "whatever" attitude, are sometimes they make funny comments or talk to me, but I'm just like😳😳😳 especially if there's a lot of them a barely met. Ugh I need to get over this!! My guy notices so he doesn't make me sit with them much, he knows I'm shy. He said he wants me to come along outings with his buddies, now I'm like shittt lol what should I do!! Why do I get like this around them?

They're downstairs where I usually am*
The things is they're all nice people... So there's no reason for me to be like this..


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  • You have to move out of your comfort zone gradually. Shyness is only cured by talking to people. If your going with your guys friends prepare for dirty jokes, and playful comments about you.


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  • You get this way because you think their opinion of you matters. Anyway, you will eventually feel more relaxed around them.

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