My boyfriend is perfect except when comforting me when we fight, he lacks emotion and it really hurts my feelings. How do I make him get it?

My Boyfriend is perfect, he is kind loving supportive and always on my side no matter what! Except if we have a fight if he does something wrong and I get upset, he will apologize and then wants things back to normal the next day. If its reversed he will be fine he is that type of guy, but with some issues Im very sensitive and I want him to comfort me and say he loves me as well as sorry which is something he does not do. When Im upset with him he turns formal with me and it just makes things worse cuz it feels like Im dating a robot some times, and he just does not get it!!!


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  • In your culture, is it normal for men to apologize to women for their mistakes?

    • Ofcourse it is at least the ones with manners do

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    • Agree. Sorry is sometimes necessary. Also it's okay to say "I'm sorry" for mistakes, like forgetting something important.

    • "Of course it is." This is an issue which can vary from one culture to another so I asked because I do not want to make any assumptions.

      Does he say "I'm sorry" in ways other than saying those words? Are you very specifically wanting to heart those words or are you wanting to know that he feels remorseful?

  • Don't fight with him, and when you do fight, get over it quickly. You will destroy your relationship if you sit around moody after an argument ends. No man wants to deal with that. All good men want a happy woman.

    • Im not the type that gets mad at silly things if Im mad trust me its warented and if wanted me to he happy why do something any woman would be upset about!
      If he himself didn't think it was wrong trust me nothing in this world would have made him apologize and I like that about him

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  • All you can do is tell him. Though some guys are like that. They just don't like emotions