Hot Guys & Average Girls?

I don't care about the other side here.

I'm just talking about guys & the girls they date.

I've dated some really cute guys, and one of them was really hot, but looking back on it, they weren't relationships. There were no feelings on the guys' end, they never loved me or cared about me, it was just about the sex. And honestly, I feel that I got the better deal, because in my opinion, they were better looking or equally as good looking as me.

But all my friends are pretty average. They're not the least bit cute, they dress very plain and don't really do much with themselves. But the guys they are with:

- Care about them.

- Love them.

- Find them attractive somehow.

- Are great guys

- They're hot or really cute

- They're successful & smart

- They're confident, they know they can have most girls they want.

I just don't get it.

If a guy could do better, and knows it, why wouldn't he want to?


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  • Think of it like a phone.

    Sure, I COULD get the iPhone. It looks hot, it would make all my friends jealous, and of course other phones would see me walking around with the iPhone, conclude that I must have money or otherwise have what is required to walk around with an iPhone, and they would start to also be interested in me.

    But what if I COULD afford the iPhone, but I get an Android, or Blackberry, or Google-Phone instead?

    Are you confused why I would get a "lesser" phone, even though I COULD get a "better" one?

    Maybe you're not trying to really understand my choices & the way I think then.

    Let's say the iPhone costs $1,000.. and an LG costs $100..

    The iPhone can do a gazillion things & looks great doing them..

    The LG can make phone calls & text.. and it doesn't look bad..

    I'm perfectly happy with an LG, and it only costs me $100.. why on earth would I dish out an other $900 for an iPhone?

    With girls, it's even easier..

    The "hot" girls, usually have a giant ego.. and think they have "so much" or "a lot" to offer, which is usually nothing..

    The "average" girls, don't really have as much of an ego, if any at all.. and it's sad that "hot" girls make them feel "lesser", because these "average" girls are usually doctors or lawyers, biochem majors going on into pharmacy or nursing programs, or getting their MBA, etc.

    Since guys that are attractive, smart & successful have no shortage of choices when it comes to which girls they choose.. it should come to no surprise to you that they pick the best (to them).. and contrary to what YOU might think, "looks" play a very minor role.. hence, the "best looking" girls, are definitely not necessarily the "best" or "most prized" girlfriends..

    Hot girls:

    - Hot

    - Ego

    - Will most likely treat sex as a prize/reward/punishment bargaining chip in a relationship

    - Is doing nothing with her life

    - Is selfish & wants a relationship that in effect, is all about her

    - Could care less about you or what's important to you

    - High maintenance (aka. unjustified costs)

    "Average" girls:

    - To me, my girlfriend is the most attractive woman on the face of this earth, and I don't give two flying sh*ts what anyone else thinks.. to me.. she's perfect

    - She has no ego

    - She has no issues with sex, enjoys sex, and cares about our sexual relationship & sex life

    - She's studying to be a Pharmacist, and considering going for her MBA

    - She's a little selfish. who isn't? But our relationship is always one-third about her, one-third about me, and one-third about us..

    - She cares about what's important to me, from the music we listen to, to sex, to picking movies, to my sense of masculinity & respect for it, and yes, my feelings..

    - She works, she pays, she never asks for things, directly or indirectly, but she accepts stuff I get her, because she knows I like taking care of her..

    I mean, seriously, it's not a hard choice for any guy to make..

    • But if you found a girl that had all that, but was better looking, wouldn't you prefer her over your current girlfriend?

    • And if I found a unicorn that could fly.. I would prefer it to my dog..

    • I laughed very hard in agreement with the answer and comment. Very well said and well done.

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  • I'm starting to get convinced that women are at least as superficial as men, if not more so.


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  • it's about personality, how the girl carries herself, and how she makes him feel.

    pretty & hot girls are a dime a dozen to guys who are used to pulling girls left and right. what will get their heart is what's on the inside. your friends may not be that good looking, but I'm willing to bet their personality and spirit is what makes these guys care about them.

    when you say a guy could "do better" do you mean do better physically? yeah he could probably get a 10 if he wanted to but what people forget is that its not all about looks. seriously I talked to a lotta guys who have told me straight up if they had to choose between a 9/10 hot girl that was hot but had little connection between a 6/7 average girl who was down for them and was a good woman they'd pick the less attractive one. I was suprised myself but remember, all guys are not these shallow superficial horndogs that they get stereotyped as. sure they are sexual visual beings and will want to F*** the hot girl, but if the average girl treats them right, makes them feel cared about and is a woman they can admire, they will pick the average girl hands down.

    sometimes I feel bad for hot girls that may be lacking in personality because you can attract a quantity of guys but the quality will be low. its not all about looks!

    • It's not fair, because just because a girl looks nice, every guy assumes that she's a b*tch, or materialistic, or is going to be playing games with sex, or playing mind games, or being otherwise dishonest somehow, just because she's not average looking or ugly

    • No, that's not the case, girls have a lot to do with it too. you said "There were no feelings on the guys' end, they never loved me or cared about me, it was just about the sex." well if you knew there were no feelings on the guys end and he just wanted sex why did you keep f***ing with him then? I think you would have set yourself apart had you raised your standards and not settled for a guy who treated you like that.

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