Have I turned cold? Or heartless?

AFter a terrible experience with my 1st love I decided to turn my mistake into a lesson. I learned to never stress myself over things i can't control and take comfort in the fact that if I could make things better I would but I don't have special powers, Don't care too much about other people who aren't immediate family so i can easily let them go if they turn out to be fake, & To never put up with anyone that does not bring positivity into my life. If they stress you me out, make me feel bad a lot, or complicate my life they have to go. I'll get too caught up and stress tf out because all I've ever done was so good to people and they would still kick the lamest shit my way so. I learned to Take care of ME. My friends say I've turned cold after my ex treated me so bad. Am I heartless?

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Lol if anything I just don't feel connect to my "emotions" anymore cause I don't think I have any left😂


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  • Seems to me like you've just gotten wiser.
    I've been through a very similar experience, and people tend to tell me I am very cold hearted but I personally think it's better than getting hurt.

    • The only downside is that I don't feel connected to some things anymore like I used to like sometimes it feels like i don't have a heart but I don't feel heartless

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  • No you haven't turned cold, you've just become an assertive person. You just refuse to allow others to take advantage of you , that's not being cold.. it's being wise

    Being cold would mean you've become resentful and bitter towards everyone. It'd also mean you're totally closed off emotionally. You are neither of these. Your change is for the better, and it's a positive change... not negative