When you have known the perfect woman for years, and are close friends, but are way too ugly for her?

She's an actual good person. Smart, Funny, Adorably awkward, and we share the same interests... but she's not blind. :P

  • Just live with being beneath her and not bother her with it.
  • Let her know and risk making her uncomfortable forever.
  • Other (please share)
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  • Confidence is the sexiest thing.

    • ok then... what would you do if a overweight, ugly guy approached you "confidently"? Would you find him sexy? I'm betting not.

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    • um... I am. It's a process... lost 22lbs and blood sugar is 1/2 of what it was... but that doesn't change what I look like. ugly is still ugly.

    • Good for you! Just need to work on that confidence though :) don't live your life thinking you're ugly.

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