Does he think it's a date?

If a guy does something like walk you out to your car when you're leaving work but he isn't also going home he's actually still on the clock but goes with you anyway and he stays to talk to you for about 45 minutes in the parking lot until it gets dark out and you sense he could be interested and you talk a lot at work so you message him finally because you have liked him for awhile and want to suggest hanging out so you let him know and he says sure and that we will set it up when we next work is he planning an actual date or does he think we are just hanging out as friends? Opinions much appreciated thanks!!

  • It's a date, definitley!!
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  • Maybe as friends
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  • Huh? Shouldn't there have been a period and a comma in there? In fact, several? Can't understand a whole paragraph of words run together.

  • If you said hang out, its hard to say. Be clear with what you want from him and make sure that he is clear with you. but it sounds like he is interested


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