Should I tell him I like him?

We met on Tinder, which may seem like ya know obvious that he likes me. But I'm an overthinker and I want to be sure. We talk on snapchat almost everyday, go to the same school, and have met on accident once (he hugged me and bought me a soda). It's just really hard to tell through snapchat how he actually feels. It's been weeks... I want to see if we can go anywhere with this. I've asked him to hang out once but he's super busy- we tried to make a date but our schdules don't mesh very well. I don't know... should I ask him to hang again and/or tell him how I feel through snap?

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  • Yes, but ask him to hang out again first
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  • tell him you love him!!!


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  • You already asked him out. And he said he's busy?
    Did he come up with alternative?
    If he really wanted to see you he would have made the time tried to see you.
    NOBODY is too busy to take a girl out they care about.
    You didn't write the detail so I don't know how it went when you asked him out,.
    It sounds like you asked him out already, and he couldn't see you because he's so busy, but he didn't bother to give you other suggestions.
    So it's his turn to ask you out.
    I mean you can ask him out again, but if he really wanted to see you he would have asked you out already... especially since he already turned you down once.

    • He totally agreed to hang out with me when I asked the first time, he asked when I was available and stuff. But after a few attempts of getting a good time to hang, we realized we'd have to wait a couple weeks until midterms were over. Which are this week. I don't really care if I have to make the effort because I really like him. Life's too short to wait around for him to ask me, like I know he's like actually genuinely busy. I specifically said "lunch" when I asked him the first time, not dinner or anything else. What do you think I should do based on the details of the situation?

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  • If he likes you enough, he will make time. If not he is not worth your time.

  • I agree with karenn

  • Tell him you like him but try to do it in person.


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  • Ask him out.

    Don't confess your feelings when you guys aren't even dating. Just let him know that you'd wanna spend time with him.

    Life is too short to wait around when there could be a possibility of something more.