EX boyfriend is doing everything that I wanted to do with him now, it just makes me so upset. Help?

I was with my ex for 7 years and he dumped me unexpectedly 4 months ago over a text after he got back from his month away holiday without me. I've been heartbroken... miserble. .. crying.. can't stop thinking about him.. so I texted him the start of September and asked him would he liketo meet up with me and talk it out.. his reply was 'Fu*k off no font want to see you my life is a piece of cake now without you' so I never texted back and still to this day he never replied. He was emotionally abusive in the relationship to me and would often talk to me like that. So now tho I'm finding out he's going on more holidays going back to Amsterdam, my friends think he's been with someone, he's taking pictures and uploading them to his social media with his female best friend out drinking etc (for 7 years he didn't want to take a picture with me and upload it he would say I'm 'forcing' him.) I'm just so hurt that he never did anything with me. All we did was stay in his house... he never take me out.. introduce me to friends.. go for drinks... but he's doing all that stuff now that I'm gone. It's just very hurtful. How can I let go?


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  • He is abusive, move on. I know its hard but you have to do it. If you can't do it alone seek professional help. Good luck :)


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  • No offense your an idiot, who the hell lets someone treat them like that. Clearly you lost all self-esteem and you want pity now. Girl moved on with your life and heal.10 years from now you realize how stupid it was to stay with someone like that.

    • I did lose all my self esteem yes I'm Not looking for pity. I just want to try and forget him. I want to close this chapter of my life but I can't because when I hear about him I literally die a bit inside

    • it the first few months obviously you going to be sad after a year you won't feel anything. Just remember he is not worth shit! if he loved he wouldn't had done so many things.

  • You need to stop stalking him and wanting to know his life now without you. If you keep doing this, you will never move on. He probably changed thats why he's doing it w her and not w you.