How do I choose between two guys and not come off looking like a slut?

Background story: I've been hooking up with one guy, we'll call him X, for several weeks. Last weekend at a his frat party, I stayed up all night with X and many other friends, but at the end of the night hooked up with one of my guy friends, we'll call him Y, instead. When morning rolled around, we were caught in the act, and at this point everyone in the Greek system at my school knows about it because word travels so fast. While I am very attracted to Y, I never intended on hooking up with him because my best friend has had a crush on him. She's not upset, but people are talking about it a lot.

My question is this: my sorority's formal is coming up next weekend, and I was planning on asking X, but now I'm tempted to ask Y. I'm not sure how X feels about me hooking up with Y, but I'm guessing he won't be too offended because he's hooked up with other girls recently, too.

Pros of taking X: People tell me to take him and not Y, he's hot, we've hooked up multiple times already, and it will show he's not upset about Y.

Cons of taking X: I don't want it to look like I am just blowing off what happened on Saturday, because I really like Y, too.

Pros of taking Y: I think he'd be more fun, more guys from his frat are attending than from the other frat, and it would show I'm still interested

Cons of taking Y: it would confirm for everyone that I'm a huge whore, and my friend would probably be mad that if I hook up with him again.


this also sucks because we go home for summer break in two weeks and none of this will lead to anything anyway

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  • either way you look like a slut/whore. You need to take whoever it is YOU want to go with the most, not the person other people want you to take


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  • "it would confirm for everyone that I'm a huge whore"

    I think you're already past that point .

  • Congrats you found a real purpose for learning algebra.

    If X = 5" and Y= 2" and a train leaves from Detroit going to LA how many times can you sleep with Y before X finds out and puts his PP in someone else?

    This whole thing sounds sleazy. Both of these guys must have low or no self esteem to put up with this crap. You may as well screw them both apparently they are to dumb to care who is screwing who.


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