He bails after you were busy when he asked you out?

I spent a decent amount of time talking to a guy online, before he asked me out (on a rather lovely and well planned meet) Unfortunately I was working at the time he wanted to take me out. We actually live several hours apart and he was close by visiting friends and wanted to meet when he as traveling home (I was about an hour out of his way) I tried to set up an alternate time, but he was busy when I was available. He told me he would try to travel to meet me when it would be a time we are both available. We finally started texting right after this then two days later he just ceased responding. He is still checking my profile on the dating site, but hasent responded to my two messages (sent three days apart). Any idea what happened?


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  • He has come to grips with the difficulty of trying to have a LTR.

    • Well. I don't consider being able to feasibly see each other on weekends (especially when he travels most weekends anyway) as something that wouldn't work. We hadn't gotten that far, but that's why I wasn't so concerned by the distance.

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    • So he talks to me almost daily for 6 weeks before figuring this out? And it's not like he didn't know the distance involved as he used to live in my city.

    • It is easy to fantasize and romanticize about such things until reality slaps you in the face.

      It is also possible that he interpreted your unavailability as unwillingness on your part. Or maybe he met someone who is near him and who he can see on a regular basis.

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  • He ignored you twice already.
    It seems like he's not that excited about you.
    But he could still be interested since he checks your profile..
    Give him some time.
    You already texted him twice you don't want to text him again. The ball is in his court let him come to you.

    • Oh I'm not going to. I'm just confused why he went from taking so long to move things offline, to suddenly wanting to, then disappears as soon as he does. I mean I wouldn't want to give someone my number the day before I go incommunicado.

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