Guys - What do you usually do after a girl confesses to you this way? Hear my story?

So, guy and I started talking and being comfortable since our first outing together with a group of friends. He starts flirting so I flirt back. He doesn't do this to every girl though, as I've seen how he talks to other girls. So one night, he was being really flirty, touchy, ended our convo during a BBQ party with a wink. If we're alone he's quite flirty but that one day we had lunch with others around he was a bit off. Got close at one point during the lunch meeting but realised people are around us, he backs off. Soon after, found out he has a girlfriend from another person.

---> Resolved to me confessing that I like him but I found out he has a girlfriend and that I respect his relationship and her, thus not expecting anything and suggested that we stay friends.
His reply:
"Hey! No problem. Yeah that's true, I have a girlfriend so sorry for making you disappointed. But of course we still can be friends ;) See you around".

The other day we passed by each other, he said hi in a shy? awkward way? either one. The way he replies texts now is also not sure. less friendly?

I consulted with my friends and a sister. Their opinions? "Conflicted feelings maybe?"

What are your opinions?


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  • I think that he can be your friend, but he was more interested than wanting to be friendly. He flirted with you only when you were alone, it makes sense perfectly. In other words, he doesn't mind cheating and now that he won't get what he wants with you, he won't act the way he did before.


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  • He's trying to be faithful/loyal. Stop texting him. He's with someone else.

    • No. I have not been texting him like that. We are all friends through this society so once in a while I just text everyone for a lunch get together or something which includes him.

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  • You are poking the hornet's nest. You are creating drama and starting to get tangled in a triangle. You should be forgetting this guy all together. Don't be concerned with why he is doing what he is doing because he has a girlfriend, end of story.

  • Unless you love drama, snatching weaves and fist fights stay away from him. It never ends well. you're just a potential booty call to him. he's simply bored with his girl and needs new hookup with somebody new despite being committed with his girl


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