MY Crush Asked Me Out then Blocked ME?

I've had a crush on my best mate's buddy... last week he came to visit me at work (with my mate). We were alone, and he made comments about my nice name & my fav store. Then he asked me what my plans were for Saturday, I said "no plans". So he said I'm having a party, come! So I said ok... he asked for my fb, added me and i accepted. Next day, he not only deleted me but blocked me. WHY?

Not to mention he knows he will have to face me for 2 years as he works for my boss!


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  • lol typical , maybe he is trying hard to get

    • Be honest, if you liked a girl- why ask her out and then block her?

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    • I requested to follow you!

    • I would do so if I heard something disturbing from a close person about the girl I intend to go out with. Though id do a little investigation first

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  • I have no clue, that makes no sense. Do you anything anyone must have told him something terrible about you?


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  • Its advisable to keep a distance on social media when dealing with co workers. He may feel being connected to you on social media may lead to breach of privacy since he hasn't even yet made the full decission wether he sees you as a potential soulmate. Ignore that gesture and keep flirting with him whenever you meet in person. Indirectly ask little questions to figure out if he likes u more than a friend or would wanna date you

    • He invited me to his party, but now has completely cut off all communication with me. I think its safe to say he isn't interested

    • You should have a face to face interaction to prove it. He hasn't yet seen and felt your inner persona thats why he hasn't realized your perhaps worth trying out a date. he's probably i n between various dates. Some guys go on dates with more than one girl so they decide later whom they like best just like how the tv show the bachelor

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