Is he interested or not?

So I met this guy 4 months agof at a festival briefly and then we connected onFacebook and message each other quite regularly.. we have loads in common and mutual friends. I do initiatend conversation most of he times but he always reasons straight away and we chat for long periods of time. I've always liked him from he momens I saw him but never been sure if he was interested. This weekend we were chatting and he said liked and commented on my profile picture and he told me I looked amazing and that we should go for a drink and kept saying i should of been where he was at weekend.. I asked him he next day if he was drunk when he said those things and he said he was sober but hasn't attempted to make arrangements to go for a drink? I can't figure him out. Any advice guys? Or is this a waste of time. 0 0


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  • He's probably interested but afraid to go forward with it for any number of reasons. Let him figure it out and continue with whatever this is for as long as you feel comfortable but in the mean time don't put too much weight on this going anywhere.


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  • I think he is. Maybe he was expecting you to be more eager to meet up with him.

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