Am I in love and just don't admit it to myself?

My name is Mike, I'm 24 years old and I'm using my friend's page to ask this question. So I had a thing with this girl Mia.. but I kind of screwed it up and now we're just friends. Though she is in love with me.. she confessed. And the thing is that I care about her deeply. She's one of the kindest people I've ever met in my life, she helped me go through some difficult times and was there for me and I will be grateful forever. I can tell her everything, because I trust her and every time we're together I feel happy and satisfied. Even when we get into a fight I quickly forgive and forget, because I can't stay mad at her for long. Also to mention that she is one of THE MOST GORGEOUS girls I have ever seen before. AND the sex between us was amazing. I know that she would want to be with me in a heartbeat if I said so... but the thing is that I'm not sure what is it that I want. This year I got out of a relationship that lasted for a year and a half (off and on). I don't think that I'm still in love with my ex, but sometimes I think of her and kind of feel guilty for hurting her feelings.
So I don't want to be with Mia, because she deserves someone who will know what he wants... and I don't. I don't want to hurt her feelings or anyone's feelings as a matter of fact. But I keep asking myself if I'm in love with her and if I just don't want to admit it, because I'm not ready yet.
I mean after all this girl TRULY has it all.


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  • Better be with her even if you are not sure i missed my. chance with the perfect girl. like months ago and now i. still regret even though i have a girlfriend. She seems to be the a good one man i would not. miss her.

    • Yes you have a point.. it's just that I don't know if I'm ready to commit.

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  • You're the only one who can judge that. Do you think of her? Is she your priority? Do you feel that nasty thing in your stomach whenever you're around her?

    • I think of her a lot... She is the most important woman in my life.. About the stomach thing I'm not sure.. I mean I know her for a while now so I think I kind of passed that stage... but still I want to kiss her every time I see her.. she's so beautiful.

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